Today I have classes which I would love more for the fact that my classmates are mostly ignorant of the way the natural world works. They think they can pass life by partying and drinking and trying to be nice. They don’t realize that they talk too load and don’t realize that they can only use so many people before they ultimately create an unstable platform in which they will end up only collapsing like cards to which the house will fall and with it all the glory of the one standing upon the platform. You will then find out how hard it will be to rebuild the platform to the grand and marvelous throne it once was. Ultimately the geeks shall reign, the talkative , educated, and knowledgeable; who were the outkasted, unsocial, non-partiers. The time of change is being set in motion and we are doing away with the old popularity contest called college, the social chics of the last decade will fall and un to it you as well.